Quick Plate Adapter


Correct balancing is not just about weight repeatability, but also about angle repeatability. The quick plate makes this possible every time. Cones can have up to 120-degree inaccuracy, but with a quick plate, angle repeatability is usually reduced to less than 10 degrees.

Quick plate adapters are recognized as an important tool needed by everyone balancing steel or alloy wheels/rims. Quick plate adapters have been made mandatory by most major vehicle manufacturers around the world.


The reason is simple. Quick plate adapters balance wheels far more accurately than a regular cone can do by itself, resulting in a smooth, vibration-free drive, just how the customer wants and expects it.

Have you ever had your wheels balanced and yet still complained of vibration? Generally, 1 out of 10 wheels balanced will not be accurately balanced; this is usually due to a few factors. One major factor is known as weight repeatability, which is when a wheel sometimes calls for different amounts of weight. Another factor is known as angle repeatability, which is a wheel that needs weights in different positions.


If a balancer is so accurate, then why does a balancer call for different amounts of weight at a different position? Two words: centering and torque.

Flange plate adapters represent the first generation of wheel balancing adapters that allowed the wheel to be centered on the wheel balancer in a mirror image to the way the wheel was mounted on the vehicle. To get a smooth, vibration-free drive, the wheel must be centered and torqued onto the balancer, the same way it would be centered and torqued on your vehicle. It’s that simple.

But to achieve such results a quick plate adapter must be used along with the right equipment.


The quick plate is designed so that when the wing nut is tightened down, each stud on the quick plate will receive the identical torque. This ensures that the wheel is sitting absolutely vertical on the balancer with equal pressure in each lug hole – just as it will be torqued onto the vehicle. The result is perfect dynamic balancing; this also allows the balancer to determine the exact position of where the wheel weight has to be placed.

This technology, along with the other latest technologies, is always available at Star Tires Limited and is provided to every customer at no extra charge.

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