Safety Tips


Tires are designed and built with great care to provide thousands of miles of excellent service. But for maximum benefit they must be maintained properly.

The most important factors in tire care are:

  • Proper Inflation Pressure
  • Proper Vehicle Loading
  • Proper Tire Wear
  • Regular Inspection
  • Good Driving Habits
  • Vehicle Conditions


Your vehicle’s tires are engineered to perform safely, day in and day out. But to do their job right, tires need regular maintenance. The following pages will provide the information you need to maintain your tires properly.

Proper tire maintenance is not only critical to the safe operation of your vehicle, but will also:

  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Extend Tire Life
  • Provide Better Vehicle Handling
  • Help to Prevent Avoidable Breakdowns and Collisions
  • Reduce Exhaust Emissions That Contribute to Environmental and Health Problems

Without proper maintenance, such as correct inflation pressure, tires could suddenly fail, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

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